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2.0 Diet Plan


- Diet Planner specfic to gender and goals

- Recommended daily calorific and macro nutrient breakdown

- Food diary

- All dietary and nutritional requirements catered for (e.g vegetarian, vegan etc)

Personal Training Package

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1.  Personal Training Sessions


2 .  Diet Plan


3.  Fitness Tracking

* Required

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3.0 Fitness Tracking


The foundation of every successful achivement requires detailed planning and tracking. Our expert will analyse your health and fitness goals every week in order to keep you on track. This is a fundimental process and comes with a money back guarantee policy.


Tracking assesment every week includes:


- Goal setting

- Circumference measurements

- Body fat % analysis

- Fitness Report



1.0 Personal Training Sessions


Friendly and highly qualified Personal Trainer Adam Wilson with over 9 years’ experience training 100's of clients to achieve their goals


- Tailored Training sessions specific to your goals

- Mixture of the most effective training styles HIIT, Functional, Cardio, Metabolic and much more

- Sessions take place in Wilson Training's fully equipped PRIVATE Fitness Studio in Preston, UK

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